A flexible & versatile strategy for seamless delivery

We take a customer-centric approach to designing and optimizing your Shopify store. We ensure that you’re happy and your customers are ecstatic to shop your product.

Our process is simple, methodical and refined to deliver results.

We start with setting the right expectations

On day 0, we bring together every member of your team to hear your views, understand your concerns, and set the expectations off of that. At this stage, here are some of the things we usually do:

Next, we map the user’s potential hopes & expectations to your product

Without mapping your user’s journey with your product’s value props, it’ll be like throwing stones in the dark. This is where we ensure that we’re building a product your customers would love to use, every day. Here, we delve into some of the following stuff:

Now, it’s time to build a stellar visual identity

Based on your business objectives and user expectations, we create a visual identity that’s bound to turn some eyeballs. These are some of the things we would focus on at this stage:

Moving on to the visual prototype phase

At this stage, we create a tangible prototype of your product to demonstrate how it would work when launched. We would’ve already added the necessary interactions and prepared omnichannel clickable screens to enable real users to try your product. We would be working on some of these things:

Finally, we hand over a fully functional product

Once the above steps are signed-off by you and the necessary user-testing has been done, we move to the engineering phase where we code out your product from start to finish. You can expect us to be working on:

Further conversion optimization

Once we’ve delivered your Shopify store, you have the option to work with us in helping you keep conversion rate growing and improving user experience.
Here’s what we help with:

It’s a pretty holistic process, isn’t it? You’re likely to have questions. How about a call?

People over processes

We bet someone great said this. Either way, here’s the team that would help you give shape to your idea.

Benefits over features

Value-first approach

Our consultative and stakeholder-centric approach to building a product ensures that we’re building it for your customers. You don’t want the world to use your product. You want your target audience to love it and that’s exactly what we guarantee.

Exquisite design

In this day and age where our attention span is less than 8 seconds, you want to build products with exceptional UI & UX. The products we build ensure that your customers reach the Aha moment within the expected time.

Scale-up your business

9 out of 10 projects that we worked with are successful today and many of them are still working with us. We strive to keep you, our customer, happy, and over-deliver on the agreed results. We don’t mind beating our own drums as we put our money where our mouth is.

Oh and one more thing...

We have a thriving Facebook community where we get together and talk
about the nuances of creating a successful digital product.
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