Case Study: Shopify Development for Africa-Inspired Skincare Brand

About the brand

Uhuru Botanicals is an indie skincare brand powered by the African skincare recipes and made in the UK. The brand offers unique beauty products that deliver real results. Customers can also sign up for skincare coaching to hit their skincare goals.


The client’s website was created on Woocommerce, it was slow, badly design, and lack important features like reviews section, categories, filters and much more. Despite having a loving audience on social media, the website didn’t reflect a true identity of the brand, didn’t provide a good user experience, and looked below average that was hurting the conversion rate. Our job was not only to design an upscale site but also set it up for conversion! 

Activities & Results​

The initial phase was understanding user experience challenges, creating wireframes, and flow charts.

The next step was crafting a brand identity and applying it to the design and taking photos.

Once this was done Starlight.Io developed a brand new Shopify store and implemented custom features such as quick view, quick add to cart, filters, stickers and much more.

Once the website was done, Starlight’s team helped to create a custom email address and provided free training on how to use Shopify and its features, setting up Shipping, Discounts and everything needed for effective eCommerce management.

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