Case Study: E-Commerce Development for Eco-Luxury Skincare Brand

About the brand

LUXE Botanics is an eco-luxury skincare brand powered by the planet’s most transformational botanicals, leading edge green tech and giving back.


The client needed clean up and optimize Shopify template, as well as create custom kit maker for the product pages without using paid apps, implementation advanced meta fields editing in the frontend and implementing conversion rate optimization strategies to drive traffic and conversions on client’s Shopify site.

Activities & Results​

The initial phase was the clean up of the messy backend code on the Shopify site which had been handled by multiple different developers previously.

Once this was cleaned up Starlight.Io implemented ways for the client to update pages and products in the front end without having to code changes. The second phase was developing a custom kit product page to allow customers to create their own brand discovery kit.

The third phase is ongoing work to update the website to drive traffic and improve conversions through constant data monitoring and testing.

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